Vulnamin Products

Vulnamin Gel

Medical Device Class IIb

50g Tube

It is a hydrogel that can be used to hyperhydrate the necrotic tissue and induce it to autolysis, simultaneously stimulating the granulation of the underlying vital tissue. It, therefore, facilitates the cleansing of the wound bed when covered with necrosis, fibrin, and cellular debris, assisting the recovery of tissue repair.

Vulnamin Cream

Medical Device Class IIb


Cream of non-animal origin that can be used as an adjuvant to facilitate the healing of wounds that may not be sutured and which have injured the dermis, such as chronic ulcerative wounds or bedsores. It facilitates faster tissue regeneration and maintains the ideal humidity conditions to promote the re-epithelialisation of skin injuries.

Vulnamin PWD

Medical Device Class IIb

1 g Stick pack

Vulnamin PWD is indicated for the treatment of skin ulcers of various origins, with slow healing, with medium or abundant exudate, both cleansed and colonized, whether flat or cavitary. The product is not recommended for eschars. Do not use if the wound is infected. In colonized injuries, it is effective when combined with a secondary antibacterial dressing.

Vulnamin Spray

Medical Device Class IIb

30 ml

Interactive dressing in a fluid gel formulation, aimed at promoting the formation of granulation tissue and tissue regeneration. It also facilitates wound cleansing.

Vulnamin WH logo

Food for Special Medical Purposes

25 g x 30 sachets

With Glutamine, Proline and Essential Aminoacids.

Vulnamin WH is indicated for the dietary treatment of protein malnutrition in acute and chronic medical conditions associated with significant tissue damage:

  • surgical wounds
  • pressure sores
  • diabetic foot ulcers
  • impaired wound healing (delay of complete tissue repair)
Vulnamin WH