Vulnamin Gel Applications

The main feature of the gel formulation is the hyper-hydration of necrosis to achieve effective debridement together with a statistically significant faster granulating tissue growth in comparison with common treatments.

PAD - Post amputation wound
PAD - Post amputation wound
2 weeks after
2 weeks after

Necrotic Medium Exuding Wound

Vulnamin gel which, by hyper-hydrating the necrotic tissue, allows a quick debridement; the action is enhanced by the hypertonicity of the mixture which, in addition to the debriding action, increases the simultaneous stimulation of neoangiogenesis with production of granulation tissue. The secondary dressing can be selected from a moist gauze with antibacterial activity (with silver or chlorhexidine), in order to avoid the colonization of necrosis, and/or a hydrocolloid (to enhance the autolytic effect). Dressing change is recommended every 2 or 3 days, according with the amount of exudate.

Necrotic Heavy Exuding Wound

Vulnamin gel together with a secondary dressing preferably of absorbent materials (alginates, hydro-fiber, foams) that allow the control of the exudate, or activated carbon and silver for a good absorbing power and an excellent antibacterial activity. Daily dressing change or, at most, not more than every 48 hours is recommended.

Other Applications

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