Vulnamin Cream and PWD Applications

clean exuding wound
clean exuding wound

Clean Medium Exuding Wound

Vulnamin PWD and Cream are the best formulations. The secondary dressing that control the exudate are recommended to prolong the wear time. Dressing change is recommended every 48 hours, except in the case of use of low-adherence gauzes, which should be replaced every day.

Clean Heavy Exuding Wound

Vulnamin PWD formulation is recommended in combination with secondary absorbent dressings (alginates, hydro-fiber, foams) in order to avoid the maceration of the wound bed and edge. The use of the gel formulation is not recommended; on the contrary it’s possible to combine cream with powder to accelerate the absorption (always with a secondary adsorbent dressing). The dressing change is recommended within 48 hours.

Other Applications

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