Vulnamin gel in neuropathic leg ulcers


Neuropathic leg ulcers (NLUs) affect more than 10% of diabetic patients with peripheral neuropathy and represent the most common cause of ulceration of the leg in these patients. Vulnamin® gel could improve the outcomes of NLUs when used together with elastocompression.


  • Thirty patients affected by NLU
  • Randomized into 2 groups, both treated with 4-layer elastocompressive bandaging: group A were topically treated with the application of Vulnamin® gel, group B received only the inert gel vehicle.


  • Healing rate at 3 months was evaluated as the primary endpoint.
  • Healing time, reduction in ulcer area and ulceration score in 4 weeks.
  • Number of infective complications, and overall satisfaction of

Efficacy and safety of a new dressing gel in the treatment of diabetic patients suffering from neuropathic ulcer lower limbs: prospective randomized double-blind trial

The percentage of lesioned area covered by granulation tissue after 4 weeks is significantly higher in patients treated with Vulnamin®

Reduction of ulcer areas after 4 weeks

Lesion score

Patients treated with Vulnamin show a faster improvement for all the items that composed the score

Healing Time

Vulnamin reduced the time to healing

Other Clinical Evidence

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