Vulnamin gel in debridement of chronic wounds


Effectiveness of a dressing, Vulnamin® gel, to debride and heal at the same time any kind of chronic skin wound.


  • 40 patients with chronic necrotic wounds of different etiology.
  • Divided in 2 groups: group A were treated with a hydrogel, group B received Vulnamin gel and a hydrogel.
  • The treatment lasted until a viable granulation tissue was achieved (full debridement)


  • Debridement time.
  • wound area reduction using the VisitrakTM system.

Amino acid gel versus hydrogel: which is the faster debrider?

Study Protocol

40 patients with chronic necrotic skin lesions divided into 2 groups of randomization:

• Hydrogel containing no Alginate
• Hydrogel containing sodium hyaluronate plus Amino Acids (Vulnamin® gel)


Significant presence of granulation tissue after 14 days only in the group Vulnamin Gel

Other Clinical Evidence

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