Clinical Evidence

Management of chronic wounds

Management of chronic wounds Study: Topical application of an amino acid dressing, Vulnamin, in the management of chronic wounds. Design: 160 patients with non-infected cutaneous chronic wounds…
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Vulnamin PWD in venous leg ulcers

Vulnamin PWD in venous leg ulcers Study: Effectiveness and safety of Vulnamin, and elastic compressive bandages in the treatment of chronic venous ulcers of the lower limbs.…
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Vulnamin versus Hyaluronic acid

Vulnamin versus Hyaluronic acid Study: Effectiveness and safety of Vulnamin products, compared to hyaluronic acid alone. Design: The data produced and published in the last 15 years…
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Prevention of Pressure Sores

Prevention of Pressure Sores Coadiuvant in pressure injuries Study: Demonstrate the efficacy of an Vulnamin spray in the prevention of pressure ulcers in comparison with silver spray…
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