Case 2

Pressure Ulcers

Prof Dr. Emre Ozker

Acibadem Health Group


Type II DM, Chronic Renal Failure (dialysis), PAD, CAD

Duration of the treatment

63 days, 33 applications were made

Products Used

Patient History

  • 45-year-old woman.
  • She has become paraplegic following a complex scoliosis procedure at the age of 19.
  • She had been an active person until pandemic.
  • In 2019, she fell down and broke her vertebra and underwent surgery.
  • vFollowing the surgery, pressure injury on the right trochanteric region has developed.

Patient History

  • She was first treated by a wound care nurse
  • During the treatment the wound got infected and patient had septicemia
  • The patient was admitted to hospital for antibiotic treatment
  • An orthopedic surgeon treated her wound.
  • During her stay, the orthopedic surgeon debrided the wound twice in a week and used negative pressure wound treatment for 15 days
  • After NPWT, the patient had been operated for 3 times
  • In the last two operations, the surgeon had tried to close the wound with special anchor sutures inside and closed the wound edges primarily
  • The sutures detached every time

Clinical Course

  • After last procedure, the patient was referred to our clinic
  • All the sutures were removed and the wound was debrided
  • There were huge gaps (nearly 10 cm) in 11 and 6 o’ clock directions
  • The trochanteric part of the os femoris was exposed
  • During debridement tissue samples were obtained and sent to microbiological culture; which then revealed no bacterial colonization
  • NPWT was initiated

Clinical Course II

  • The foam was changed twice weekly
  • NPWT was stopped after 3 weeks as the exudation discharge decreased below 30 cc/ day
  • The gaps decreased by half at the end of NPWT
  • Vulnamin treatment was initiated


The vulnamin powder and cream treatment was initiated.

Following powder application, the wound bed and the gaps were filled with cream by using a spatula.

The wound was covered with standard foam dressing (coloplast biatain silicone foam).

The application and the dressing change was performed every other day.



  • In 6 months, the bone is totally covered with granulation tissue
  • The gaps decreased to 3 cm length
  • The wound bed is now ready for flap surgery
Dr. Ozker in Pressure Ulcers

Case 3

78 year
Following the surgery, pressure injury on the right trochanteric region has developed.
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