Case 3

Pressure Ulcers

Dr. Roberto Cassino

“Heliopolis Residences” Korian Nursing Home,
Binasco, Milan (Italy), Geriatrician Vulnologist


III stage nuchal pressure injury

Duration of the treatment

18 days

Product Used

Patient Details

62 years old woman suffering from immobilisation syndrome resulting from Amiotrophic Lateral Sclerosis and Chronic Respiratory Insufficiency. Due to profuse sweating in the neck area and bed immobilization, she developed a nuchal pressure injury.


II stage multiple pressure injuries.

Previous Treatment

SSD cream and Hyaluronate gauzes.

Reason for change

No results and pain increasing.


  • Vulnamin Cream
  • 18 days
  • Daily applications (due to sweating)
  • Low adherent adhesive secondary dressing

Results after 18 days


  • Quick epithelialization
  • Complete recovery of the skin
  • Well hydrated and oxygenated skin


  • No induced pain
  • No adverse reactions/allergies

Take Home Message

  • Quick epithelialization
  • Low cost
  • Ease management
Dr. Cassino in Pressure Ulcers